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Friday, January 17th, 2020 5:51 PM

Sensor - Instant Trigger or Not

Looking for your thoughts one when or not to set sensors to Instant Trigger or Not?

Any thoughts besides doors you might use to enter to not trigger?


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4 years ago

All of my sensors are set to instant including doors.  We use the phone app for access so there is no need for a count down.  If you plan to use an indoor keypad to disarm you will need a delay on whatever door you normally come in through.  Everything else I would suggest instant trigger.



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4 years ago

@ride525 I'm with DP on this one.  My 10 motions, 2 glass breaks and 6 of my 7 entries are on instant trigger. Only 1 entry, the kitchen door we always use to enter, is not.  Even that one is on 0 entry delay for home mode, only 20 seconds for away mode. Works well.

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4 years ago

Good thoughts.

We allow others to enter, (cleaning ladies), so maybe just one door.

I was thinking of me also, when I get up and maybe forget to turn from HOME to OFF when I get up in the morning, and go out to get the paper.  Perhaps I can train myself.  (what is they say about teaching old dogs new tricks?)

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4 years ago

The first time you open a door from the inside and the alarm starts blaring because you forgot to disarm the system first will train you pretty quickly.  :)

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4 years ago

Or consider an extra keypad in your bedroom, so you will be reminded to turn off the alarm before you wander around and open the door to get the paper :)

I too have all my sensors (windows and doors) set to instant-trigger.
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