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Tuesday, July 11th, 2023 5:48 PM

Entry Sensor ?

I am seeking clarification:

Issue; My friend has a simplisafe system installed in his large home.  Some of the entry sensors are pretty far far the base station resulting in the sensors occasionally showing as offline.  He seems to think that improving the wireless signal from his home wireless network will fix the dropping sensor issue.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the entry sensors rely on a proprietary communications system and connect only to the base station.

I understand the base station does connect to the homes wifi for connectivity to the outside world (with cellular backup).

I understand that the door sensors do use 2.4g and crowding on that band can affect communication. 

While I do appreciate opinions,  I am seeking clarification from someone that has a through understanding of this system and can speak from authority.


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1 year ago

Hi @jim_b1d089, 

Our Entry Sensors communicate to the Base Station through radio frequency. So you are correct, if your friend improves the wireless signal in their home, it will not change their sensors' connection to the Base Station. 

To prevent the Entry Sensors from showing offline, I would first see if your friend could move the Base Station to a central area of their home - if it isn't already - and to keep it away from dense materials like brick or stone. This Help Center article will help to find the best place to put the Base Station.

Entry Sensors can also show as offline if there is physical or wireless interference in the home. Physical interference can be caused by physical obstructions, like dense walls, or heavy appliances. In cases like that, we would suggest finding a different spot for the Base Station, so there’s as little in the way between the Base Station and sensors as possible.

Wireless interference is always caused by another device that’s competing with the Base Station’s signal. We want to look for simpler devices, like wireless weather stations, garage door openers, or baby monitors. If there are any devices like that around the Base Station or Entry Sensors, it may help to move them to a different area.

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