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Wednesday, February 21st, 2024 8:13 PM

Option to 2nd keypad

I noticed that when the alarm is tripped, the keypad beeps as well as the base station, but they don't beep very loud.  Our keypad is away from our bedroom, as is the base station, so if we were sleeping and something set it off, we wouldn't hear until the 30 seconds times out and the alarms goes off.  I had the thought of getting a second keypad and putting it in our bedroom so we were alerted if the alarm is tripped, but has anyone else had this issue and had a different solution?

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4 months ago

Hi @kevinbingham, 

That countdown beeping your hear when a sensor is triggered or your system is armed is the Entry or Exit Delay. The Keypad does sound these countdowns, but there is no setting to change its volume to make it louder. 

You can always get a second Keypad and place it in your room to hear the countdown beep, but you can also get an Extra Siren as well. With an Extra Siren, it will relay the chime when an Entry Sensor is opened, the Entry and Exit Delay countdown, and will sound an alarm when a sensor is tripped. To learn more about the Extra Siren, check out this page on our website.

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That's a good option, Thank you.

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