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Friday, November 11th, 2022 3:23 PM

Need Multiple Base Stations??

I bought the system online that said it was for large homes.  When I set it up, I put the base station in the center of the home but was having difficulty getting sensors to connect even on the same level of the home.  Some were 100+ ft away - for example a side door.  I finally got everything connected but then by the next morning it said nothing was connected to the base station.  The house is large (~5k sq ft) with a large first floor.  Can you have multiple base stations?  Do we need multiple base stations if the sensors are spread out? 

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1 year ago

Hi @ajask,


The Base Station is the brain of the whole system, so there can be only one per system.


Though your SimpliSafe sensors should be able to communicate at around 800ft over open air. In a typical home situation, with walls and other obstructions, we would recommend keeping your sensors at half that distance for best performance. But they should definitely be able to reach your Base Station at only 100ft! Are you seeing "Not Responding" errors for each of those sensors? There might be severe interference that is preventing the signal from going through.


Interference can be caused by dense physical objects, literally blocking the signal. That could be brick or stucco walls, metal siding, heavy appliances, etc. If you have your Base Station sitting on top of a fridge, inside a cabinet, or on a wire shelf, all of that could potentially be a problem.


Interference could also come from other wireless signals drowning out the SimpliSafe one. The system uses a very low frequency radio, so you're looking for simpler devices like remote controlled garage door openers and wireless weather stations.


For more tips, follow the steps on our Help Center page here. Or contact our Support team for more in-depth troubleshooting.

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Is there an option for a second unit that chimes when an entry sensor triggers? if you can only have one base station, I would still like the house to indicate a door was opened.

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@JoeViddy​ We offer an Extra Siren that will sound when an Entry Sensor is opened. You can learn more about this product on our website

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