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Monday, June 8th, 2020 9:51 PM

Motion Sensor Does Not Work Consistently.

I installed the system about two weeks ago. I tested the system several times. The entry sensors work pretty well during those tests but the motion sensor and the glass break sensor don't give consistent results. I placed the motion sensor in a core location (dining area) of my house, which connects the family room, bedroom and study room. It is about 5-6 feet up on a corner of a wall.

The motion sensor claims to detect motion within 30 feet, but in all my test runs, the motion sensor will not detect anything until I am about 10 - 12 feet away from it. Sometimes it won't even detect anything at all. I once set it in Away mode and the motion sensor did not trigger the alarm as I walked slowly across the entire area. I am now very concerned that either this one is a defect or SimpliSafe motion sensor just doesn't work, in which case is a major drawback of the system.

Anybody else had this issue or have any solutions?

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1 year ago

I wanted to share my experience with this problem, in case it may help someone else. I am a brand new SS user, and have had it installed only a week now. This afternoon, I received a message that one motion sensor was not working. Tried testing it as the customer help page suggests. No dice. Removed it from the system and attempted to reinstall it. Base could not detect it. Got frustrated, searched online and found this page. After reading all the comments, I removed the back from the sensor and pulled out the battery. Stuck the battery in my battery tester and it was fine. Reinstalled battery, jiggled it around a little, then tried reinstalling it again. Then it worked fine as it should. 

The sensor was originally positioned in a hallway pointing toward main part of the house. I have several cats, and installed sensor 6’ high and button up, in the manner SS advises you do if you own cats. They would still regularly trigger the motion sensor when they jump over a baby gate I have installed in the same hallway. I used this opportunity to reposition the sensor away from the baby gate so it is pointing toward what I actually want it to protect (laundry room and back door). I also put it button down, at 4’ off the ground, to reduce or eliminate the false alarms by my acrobatic cats. So far everything works great again. So far (knock on wood) I have not had to call customer service and ask for a new sensor. 

Hope this helps. Thanks for reading. 

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1 year ago

My house was burglarized 2 days before Christmas.  The burglar threw a brick through the window to get in. Neither the glass break sensor nor the motion sensor triggered the alarm. They were both positioned correctly and showed no errors in SimpliSafe's system, on the app, or during the alarm test. The alarm did not trigger until the burglar left through the front door.  They had plenty of time to ransack and steal my belongings.  Very unnerving. 

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