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Sunday, April 5th, 2020 10:34 PM

low battery warning

I have a low battery warning on 2 entry sensors.
Is the battery replaceable in the entry sensor?



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4 years ago

Yes.  The only batteries which cannot be replaced are in the SS3 key fobs.  And if you replace the batteries in the base, make sure they are rechargeable batteries.

Slide the sensor off the base and the battery should be accessable.

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2 months ago

I got an entry low battery warning.  I pushed the button on all sensors and the system responded.  It said "entry" but all of the modules say "entry"   Is there a way to determine which has a low battery warning, without pulling all of the batteries.  If a battery fails, will that give an alarm as well?

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@jcvig​ You can see which Entry Sensor's battery is low on both the SimpliSafe mobile app and Keypad. 

Using the mobile app, drag down on the home screen to refresh your app. The screen should then alert you to which sensor has a low battery.

And on the Keypad, wake up its screen and press the right rocker where there is a <!> icon. From there you'll see which sensor's battery is low.

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