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How to Recharge the Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Battery


The Wireless Outdoor Security Camera has a rechargeable battery with an expected 3-6 months lifetime, depending on usage and placement.

Gently untwist the cap of Outdoor Camera to access battery.

To remove the battery, simply untwist the cap on your Outdoor Camera. Then, use the tab on the battery to gently remove it from the battery compartment.

To charge your battery, you’ll need a USB power brick that supports 5V, 7.5W+, 1.5A+ charging. Using the supplied cable, plug it into the power brick and the camera and charge your battery. To fully charge your battery, it can take up to 6 hours. You’ll know the battery is fully charged once all 3 lights are illuminated and no longer pulsing

Charge Outdoor Camera battery by plugging it into a compatible power brick.

To replace your battery, slide it back into the battery compartment in the Outdoor Camera with the 3 gold circles on the battery facing up and the battery’s tab facing outwards. Then, twist the cap back onto the Outdoor Camera clockwise until you hear it click.

You’ll know that your Outdoor Camera has been assembled properly once it makes a high pitched chime and begins to flash white.

Still need help with your Outdoor Camera’s battery life?

If you find that the battery in your Outdoor Camera isn’t lasting 3-6 months on a single charge, there are steps you can take to maximize its battery life.