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Thursday, June 29th, 2023 2:09 PM

Entry Sensor Battery Life Expectancy

We installed a SS system late summer 2020 (less than 3 years ago).  We have already received several "entry sensor offline" alerts, which seems to indicate the need for a battery replacement.  Some of the sensors have come back online and been fine... but I worry they will lose connection again when we are away.

SS literature seems to indicate expected battery life should be up to 5 or 10 years depending on where I look.  Is it normal to see these issues after less than 3 years?  Should I preemptively replace all sensor batteries?

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1 year ago

Hi @rick_2c2461, 

The expected lifetime of the Entry Sensor's battery is up to 10 years, but that may vary depending on how frequently the sensor is used. A low battery can cause an Entry Sensor to go offline, but it can also be caused by interference. 

Interference can be caused by dense, physical objects getting in the way of your sensors and the Base Station. These are things like heavy metal appliances, or brick/stone walls. Interference can also be caused by another wireless signal competing for airspace in your home. This would come from devices like remote controlled garage door openers, wireless weather stations, and baby monitors. Have you introduced any new wireless devices to your home recently?

You mention that several of your sensors have already had an offline warning, so interference may be the culprit. If possible, I would try moving the Base Station to a more central area in your home - away from dense objects and electronics - to see if that stops this error from appearing. This Help Center article provides tips on finding the best area to place your Base Station. 

If your Base Station is already in an optimal place and interference has been ruled out, replacing the batteries in your sensors is another good step to take.

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