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Monday, August 29th, 2022 9:33 PM

Double Motion Sensor False Alarm

Just had 2 of my motion sensors go off at the same time, they are on different levels of the house so this would have been difficult for an actual event to cause. Never got a call from the company so I’m currently wondering what I’m paying them for. Will be calling them in the morning to find out more.

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2 years ago

Hi @Simon_C ,

Sorry to hear that you had trouble. Did you happen to have canceled the alarm very quickly? The system does have a grace period, where canceling would prevent a call from an operator. This is a measure to prevent accidental dispatch, because we can assume that the vent was just a false alarm.

But as for your Motion Sensor false alarms - it might help to troubleshoot each of them separately. Our Motion Sensors are the infrared type, so they're triggered by heat sources moving around in the room. Some examples of that could be: 

  • Hot air from vents and radiators, or appliances that come on sporadically
  • Swinging lights
  • Sunlight filtering through trees
  • Pets, or other animals that are able to come close

For more info, visit our Help Center article. But I strongly recommend that you contact our Support team for step-by-step assistance, as well as to verify alarm events and make sure that the signals are going to our Monitoring center.

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