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Thursday, November 19th, 2020 8:56 PM

1. Sensor Magnet Adhesive Tape 2. Adhesives

1: I do not even know where to begin.  I am fed up!!!  Because I was moving I placed an order for adhesive strips for the entry sensor and the sensor magnets I own.  These are two separate pieces that make a set of one and they use two different types of adhesive tape systems. Look it up, Folks!!

When my initial order arrived it contained ONLY adhesives for the entry sensors - these are wider and ever so much sorter than the sensor magnet adhesives!!  The sensor magnets are quite narrow. In fact, the adhesive tape for the magnets is about 1/2 the width of the entry sensors  There was NO adhesive tape for the sensor magnets - NONE!!!. I have called for (4) times regarding this issue and asking for the adhesive tape for the MAGNETS.  FIVE (5) times I have received more adhesives for the entry sensors and NONE - NONE for the sensor magnets!!!!!  WTH!!

2.: To compound my issue the strips that you have sent - all for the entry sensors (I've gone through nearly all of them) will not even stay stuck to where they need to be placed!!  My keypad and other entry points keep falling off.  Because of them falling off I have not yet been able to use my "great" SimpliSafe system for fear of having a false alarm should they fall off during the night or while I'm away from my home.  That said, the SimpliSafe system is worthless to me.

If you do not know the difference in the size of the "adhesive tapes" for the entry sensor vs the sensor magnet, I would be very happy to send you photos. It seems I can attach no photos here.

SimpliSafe is committed to listening to feedback and taking care of our customers. As a result of comments like this post, our Fulfillment team has already transitioned to 3M-branded Command Adhesives, which should perform much better. Thank you for letting us know you concerns!



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3 years ago

This has been a common problem for a long time.  SS has been sending very cheap, ineffective adhesive tape with the sensors and magnets (for SS3, not sure if they're using better ones for SS2, as they used to).  Anyway, the consensus here is go to your local hardware store or big box store and get heavy-duty 3M adhesive tapes, they are stronger and last longer.  You may have to cut-to-size for the small magnets, but it's better than nothing.

If at any time you're hesitant about using adhesive tape, use the screws that came with the sensors/magnets (especially for the keypads, due to their weight).  If you're renting, the tiny holes the screws make are minimal and easy to repair before moving.

Lastly, if using adhesive tapes, be sure you thoroughly clean the wall surface and that there is no excess texture on the wall (bumpy sheetrock texture/paint etc) - let dry after cleaning, and affix the tapes where you want them, being sure to apply pressure for as long as the adhesive package states.

You could call SS for a refund on all the useless adhesive tapes you've received (if they charged you for them), as if you order again, it's 100% likely they'll keep sending the same cheap adhesives.

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3 years ago

Me too! Several weeks ago I placed an order for the regular sensor adhesives and the entry magnet adhesives. They only sent the regular adhesives, not the smaller ones for entry magnets. I keep contacting them to get this corrected and they submit a new order for no additional charge, but they keep sending the wrong product. Just today I received my 4th order, and again it was wrong. It's always the larger tapes and never the smaller entry magnet tapes. The last time I called about this I told them it's almost comical, except it really isn't. It's actually quite ridiculous.

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3 years ago

I guess I will ask for refund.
I received all the same type of adhesives (the larger ones) for both the Sensor and Magnet.  If I wanted to pay money to have to use a razor to cut them to size I would would have just gone to store and bought 3M adhesives....



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I went to Lowes, invested under 10 bucks and done.

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What size did you  buy?

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