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Video Doorbell Pro LED System Status Light Colors During Setup


The doorbell camera’s LED status light behaves differently during installation and daily use. The lights listed below are the only colors that the camera will display. If you are seeing a color that is not listed try changing the lighting in the room, as this can affect the look of the colored lights.

LED Behavior (During Setup)

What does it mean?

Solid Yellow

The camera is installing a firmware update or rebooting.

Blinking White

The camera is in QR-read mode and is ready to be set up.

Solid White

The camera has read the information in the QR code and is attempting to connect to Wi-Fi.

Blinking Yellow

The camera is connected to the internet but is not connected to SimpliSafe’s servers (this may be visible for a short time after rebooting your camera).

Blinking Red

The camera cannot establish a connection to Wi-Fi.

To learn more about the LED status light’s behaviors during daily use, please visit here.