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What is Practice Mode?


Practice Mode begins as soon as monitoring activation is complete and ends automatically after 72 hours. During this time, the Monitoring Center will receive signals from your system but will not request assistance from emergency services. 

While you are in Practice Mode, your Primary Contact(s) will receive an automated call from us whenever you trigger an alarm. This message will inform you that you are in Practice Mode, and provides you with important information so you will be prepared in the event of an actual alarm. If you have 2 Primary Contacts and the first one picks up the phone, your second Primary Contact will not receive this phone call. But if your first Primary Contact doesn’t pick up the phone, we will call your second Primary Contact as well.

You can get to know your system in Practice Mode by practicing arming and disarming it, as well as triggering an alarm without having to worry about emergency services being requested to your home or business.