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How Does the Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Respond During an Alarm


When the Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector detects particulate consistent with smoke or carbon monoxide, it will sound the alarm to notify you of the potential hazard. 

After the alarm has sounded two things will happen at once, depending on your monitoring plan. The first Primary Contact will receive an Alarm Text, and also a phone call from the monitoring center. Alarm Texts for life safety events are only to alert you of the hazard, and cannot be used to cancel the alarm or request dispatch. 

For the phone call placed to the first Primary Contact for your system, you will be able to cancel the alarm for smoke over the phone without the need for your Safe Word, or place a request for dispatch from your local fire department. Due to the serious and potentially life-threatening nature of carbon monoxide poisoning, there is no way to cancel carbon monoxide alarms. If you do not answer the phone, our monitoring team will automatically request dispatch from your local fire department who will be dispatched to the location on file for your SimpliSafe® system.

We encourage you to save the monitoring center number to your phone. That number is 855-693-4911.

Once saved to your phone, you’ll also want to allow us access to bypass Do Not Disturb and Silent Profiles. This allows for Critical Alarm Notifications to get through to you, regardless of your phone’s volume or profile status.