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Error: Camera Battery Low


What It Means

If you see a low battery warning on your Outdoor Camera or Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera, that means that you need to charge its battery so it can continue recording video and live streaming.

How To Charge The Outdoor Camera’s Battery

To remove this error on the Outdoor Camera, take the following steps to charge its battery:

  1. Unmount the Outdoor Camera and twist off the cap to reveal the battery

  2. Remove the battery from the camera and plug it into your wall outlet using the charging cable the Outdoor Camera was shipped with and a USB power adapter with 5V, 1.5A+ output

    1. A list of power adapters that fit this requirement are:

      1. The SimpliCam® Wired Indoor Security Camera’s adapter 

      2. The Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera’s adapter

      3. Most iPhone (Apple) adapters

      4. Most Android adapters

    2. If you don’t know the output of your power adapter, most models will have it printed on the device itself, as seen in the image below.

  1. It takes about 6 hours for the battery to fully charge. You’ll know the battery is fully charged once all 3 lights are illuminated and no longer blinking.

  2. Insert the battery back into the Outdoor Camera with the 3 gold circles on the battery facing up and the battery tab facing outwards

  3. Twist the cap back on the camera clockwise until you hear it click

You can learn more about preserving the battery life of the Outdoor Camera in this article. 

Still Having Trouble?

If you still see this error message after charging the Outdoor Camera’s battery, you should reset the camera by following the steps in this article.

How To Charge The Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera’s Battery

To remove this error on the Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera, charge its battery by plugging it into a power source for 6 hours using a 5V, 7.5W USB power adapter that provides 1.5A of current. When the LED on the camera turns a solid white, that indicates that the battery is fully charged.

If you would like to keep your Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera constantly plugged into a power source, you can do so by either using any compatible power adapter, or you can purchase the Indoor Camera Power Adaptor from our online store or through select retailers.