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How to Add New Sensors to My Original SimpliSafe® System?


Does your Keypad look like the one pictured to the left? Then you're in the right place! You've got the Original SimpliSafe system. If you purchased a new system in 2018 or later, you likely have the Gen 3 SimpliSafe. Click here to view the article for the Gen 3 SimpliSafe. If you're not certain which system you have, you can tell the difference here.

The Original SimplISafe System can have up to 39 sensors. (41 if you include the Keypad and Master Keychain Remote) There are a couple of methods that can be used to add sensors to your system.

  •  For customers with a Fast Protect™ Monitoring plan (formerly Interactive Monitoring), you can log in to your online account and navigate to the “Devices” heading under “Settings”.

    • In the top right hand, section click on the Add Device button.

    • In the pop-up window that appears select the device type, serial number, and optionally give the device a nickname. 

    • Select Save and the  Base Station announce “Your Settings Have Been Synchronized” to confirm the changes were saved.

  • For customers with Standard Monitoring or no monitoring, you can use your Keypad to add additional sensors.

    • Press Menu and enter your Master PIN.

    • Press the #3 and the Keypad will display 3) Add Component, press the Away key to enter.

    • Using the Off and Home keys, cycle to the type of device you are installing, press the Away key to select.

    • Using the number pad enter the serial number of the sensor you are installing and press Away submit. The Keypad will display Component Added to confirm.