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Motion Sensor Gen 1 Not Responding


The warning ‘Sensor Not Responding’ for a Motion Sensor Gen 1 can be caused by a couple of things, including a low battery or a weak connection between the device and the Base Station.

As a first step, we’d recommend ensuring that the battery is correctly installed. To do this:

  1. Slide the sensor off its’ bracket by pushing it towards the wall and up

  2. Remove the battery from the Motion Sensor

  3. Wait 15 seconds, then reinstall the battery again

  4. Then, test the Motion Sensor by placing your system into Test Mode using your Keypad.

    1. Menu > Enter Master PIN > Test Mode

  5. Press and release the button on the Motion Sensor. The Base Station should announce “Motion Sensor” and the timeline should show “Motion Sensor Test” on the SimpliSafe Mobile App.

    1. If you do not hear the Base Station respond, the battery within your Motion Sensor may need to be replaced.

      1. The Motion Sensor takes a single CR-123A 3V Lithium battery. To replace the battery, slide the sensor up and off its’ bracket. You can also follow the steps here.

If you have replaced the battery and are still encountering the ‘Sensor Not Responding’ error, it likely is the result of a weak connection to the Base Station. A weak connection to the Base Station can often be caused by something environmental, like brick walls or dense home construction. 

To test this, temporarily move the Base Station closer to the Motion Sensor and see if the error stops. If the sensor does work with the Base Station in a new location, it is likely the result of the environment near the prior location that is causing the conflict. You’ll have two options from here; Keep the Base Station in its’ new location closer to this sensor, or try to identify and clear the interference in the sensor's existing location. If you choose to keep the sensor where it’s at, you’ll want to look for environmental factors, such as dense building materials, or wireless devices that are nearby that could be interfering with the RF signal between the sensor and the Base Station. If you have any devices that output a wireless signal, we recommend trying to keep them at least 3-5 feet away from your sensor. That should help to clear up communication between the device and the Base Station.