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Changing Wi-Fi networks for Cameras


If you move to a new home, change your Wi-Fi network name or password, or change your Internet Service Provider (ISP) - you will need to teach your SimpliSafe® System the new login information.

To teach your Base Station the new Wi-Fi information, follow these steps:

  1. Choose My System from the navigation menu at the bottom of the app screen

  2. Select Base Station Settings

  3. Tap on ‘WiFi Network’

    1. You may see your network listed here, continue with the steps below to reconnect

  4. Select ‘Yes, Connect’

  5. Enter the password for your Wi-Fi network

  6. Click ‘Connect’ once finished

  7. Your app will state “Yay! Your Base Station is connected” if the credentials are correct.

  8. Tap Done to exit the Wi-Fi setup mode

Once your Base Station has been taught the new Wi-Fi information, you can use the following guided flow to update your Wi-Fi network for each camera that’s a part of your system.

The guided flow below will walk you through updating your Wi-Fi credentials for your SimpliSafe® cameras.