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SimpliSafe® System Requirements


App Requirements:

The SimpliSafe® system can be set up using your Keypad, however, our cameras will require using the SimpliSafe® Mobile App on a compatible Android or iOS device. The SimpliSafe® Mobile App is currently compatible with:

  • Android 9 and above

  • iOS 15.0 and above

Network Requirements:

Out of the box, the Base Station and cameras are designed to connect to most Wi-Fi networks, however, some networks may require additional configurations to be compatible. Below is a small list of requirements and recommendations to optimize your network for usage with your SimpliSafe® Security System.

  • Your Wi-Fi network must have a password

  • Your Wi-Fi network must be broadcasting at 2.4GHz

    • SimpliSafe® cannot connect to 5GHz networks

      • Most 5GHz routers are backward compatible with 2.4GHz, however, additional configuration may be required to ensure the band is being broadcasted

  • Your SSID and password cannot exceed more than 31 characters each

  • Your network must be configured as WPA2 or WPA2/3 Mixed Mode

    • WPA3 only networks are not compatible with SimpliSafe® devices at this time

  • Upload speed requirements based on live stream quality:

    • 1080p or higher - 2 Mbps per camera

    • 720p - 1.5 Mbps per camera

    • 480p - 1 Mbps per camera

COX and Xfinity default their network security settings to the WPA3 protocol. To connect the Base Station to Wi-Fi or install the SimpliSafe® cameras, you’ll need to temporarily change this to WPA2. Once these devices are set up, you can change this setting back to WPA3.

COX subscribers will need to reach out to their Internet Service Provider (ISP) to temporarily switch the network from WPA3 to WPA2 security. 

Xfinity subscribers using the Xfinity gateway should be able to make these changes within the Xfinity Mobile App. Click on Wi-Fi from the bottom menu, then select Wi-Fi Details. Choose Edit Wi-Fi Settings. Under Security Mode change this setting to WPA2, then tap on Save to save your changes.

Unsupported Network Setups:

  • Wi-Fi networks that require portal login