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SimpliSafe® System Requirements


App Requirements:

The SimpliSafe® System can be set up using your Keypad, however, our cameras will require using the SimpliSafe® Mobile App on a compatible Android or iOS device. The SimpliSafe® App is currently compatible with:

  • Android 9 and above

  • iOS 14.0 and above

Network Requirements:

Out of the box, the Base Station and Cameras are designed to connect to most Wi-Fi networks, however, some networks may require additional configurations to be compatible. Below is a small list of requirements and recommendations to optimize your network for usage with your SimpliSafe® Security System.

  • Your Wi-Fi network must have a password

  • Your Wi-Fi network must be broadcasting 2.4GHz

    • SimpliSafe® cannot connect to 5GHz networks

      • Most 5GHz routers are backward compatible with 2.4GHz, however, additional configuration may be required to ensure the band is being broadcasted

  • Your SSID and password cannot exceed more than 31 characters each

  • Your network must be configured as WPA2 or WPA2/3 Mixed Mode

    • WPA3 only networks are not compatible with SimpliSafe® devices at this time

  • Upload speed requirements based on live stream quality:

    • 1080p or higher - 2 Mbps per camera

    • 720p - 1.5 Mbps per camera

    • 480p - 1 Mbps per camera

Unsupported Network Setups:

  • Wi-Fi networks that require a portal login