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Can't Connect Camera to Wi-Fi During Setup


If you are having trouble connecting your camera to Wi-Fi during a first-time setup, we recommend making sure that your home network is configured to meet our system requirements

A short list of requirements can be found below:

  • Your Wi-Fi network must be broadcasting 2.4GHz

    • SimpliSafe® cannot connect to 5GHz networks

  • Your SSID and password cannot exceed more than 31 characters each

  • Your network must be configured as WPA2 or WPA3/2 Mixed Mode

    • WPA3 only networks are not compatible with SimpliSafe® at this time

We recommend that you have your 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks separated and not merged together. Most routers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) by default will create a single network that broadcasts 2.4GHz and 5GHz at the same time. To separate the network, you may need to consult with your ISP or reach out to your router manufacturer for configuration assistance.

COX and Xfinity default their network security settings to the WPA3 protocol. To connect the Base Station to Wi-Fi or install the SimpliSafe® cameras, you’ll need to temporarily change this to WPA2. Once these devices are set up, you can change this setting back to WPA3.

COX subscribers will need to reach out to their Internet Service Provider (ISP) to temporarily switch the network from WPA3 to WPA2 security. 

Xfinity subscribers using the Xfinity gateway should be able to make these changes within the Xfinity Mobile App. Click on Wi-Fi from the bottom menu, then select Wi-Fi Details. Choose Edit Wi-Fi Settings. Under Security Mode change this setting to WPA2, then tap on Save to save your changes.

Use the guided flow below for an interactive, step-by-step experience that will help you connect to Wi-Fi:

If your phone is currently connected to a 5GHz network and you have a 2.4GHz network available, please use your phone’s Wi-Fi settings to switch the network before trying to connect the camera to Wi-Fi again.

iPhone / iOS Wi-Fi Settings:

  1. Go to Settings on your iOS device

  2. Choose Wi-Fi

  3. Select the 2.4GHz network from the list of available networks

  4. Enter your password

  5. Tap on Join in the upper right hand corner to connect to the Wi-Fi network

Android Wi-Fi Settings:

  1. Go to Settings on your Android device

  2. Navigate to Wi-Fi Network

  3. Select your 2.4GHz network from the list of available networks

  4. Enter your password

  5. Save to connect to the Wi-Fi network

*These steps may vary depending on your Android device. Consult with your phone's manual for further directions.

Still having trouble connecting?

There are steps you can take if your camera keeps losing Wi-Fi Connection after setup. If you continue to have trouble after taking those steps, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team for further assistance.