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How To Change Siren Duration


This setting adjusts the length of time that your Base Station (and Auxiliary Siren) will sound in the event of an alarm. The default for this setting is 4 minutes, but it can be set anywhere between 30 seconds and 8 minutes through the SimpliSafe® Mobile App, Keypad or Web App.

SimpliSafe® Mobile App:

  1. Open the SimpliSafe® mobile app on your phone or tablet

  2. Choose My System from the bottom navigation bar

  3. Select Base Station Settings

  4. Tap on Alarm Siren Duration

  5. Use the plus and minus (+/-) buttons to adjust the volume for your Siren Duration

  6. Be sure to click on Save in the upper right corner before exiting


  1. Press Menu on your Keypad

  2. Enter your Primary PIN

  3. Choose System Settings

  4. Select Siren Duration and adjust the setting, as needed

Web App:

  1. Log in to the Web App

  2. Select System from the left-hand navigation bar

  3. Under Additional Settings locate Siren Duration

  4. Use the drop-down menu to adjust the volume for your Siren Duration

  5. Be sure to click on Save Changes at the bottom of the screen before exiting