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Why is my plan price increasing?


Why is SimpliSafe® changing its monitoring plan prices?

We do our best to keep our prices stable and only make modest changes when truly necessary to continue investing to provide you with the best possible experience and security. Keeping our customers safe and making that safety as accessible as possible is our priority.  

Which monitoring plans are seeing a price increase? When does this go into effect?

Effective June 1, 2023, our monitoring plan prices for new subscriptions are $29.99 for Fast Protect™*, $19.99 for Standard, and $9.99 for Self Monitoring with Camera Recordings. This is a $2/month increase on the Fast Protect™ and Standard plans. Impacted customers on existing subscription plans will receive an email notification from SimpliSafe® before any changes to their billing.

*formerly named Interactive Monitoring

Why did my Interactive Monitoring plan change to Fast Protect™?

We’ve renamed the Interactive monitoring plan to Fast Protect™. You are still getting all the features, functionality, and protection you’re used to on Interactive - but Fast Protect™ also includes our all-new 24/7 live guard protection feature for those with a Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Camera.

Are there new features offered with the plan price changes?

We are continuously adding features to our monitoring plans to ensure our customers receive top-of-the-line protection and innovation. Our newest feature available with Fast Protect™ is 24/7 live guard protection, a first-of-its-kind optional professional monitoring feature that allows our agents to see, speak to, and deter intruders during an alarm. This feature is enabled by the SimpliSafe® Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera. 

For our Standard Monitoring subscribers, we’ve also added Alarm Texts as a plan feature within the last year. Alarm Texts allows users to get notified via SMS during the event of an alarm, allowing them to instantly request dispatch or cancel a false alarm through text. 

We have also recently rolled out the new Snooze Notifications, Arming Reminders, and Scheduled Arming features for subscribers on both the Fast Protect™ and Self Monitoring with Camera Recordings plans to improve our customers’ daily experience. We are continuing to invest in providing our customers with the best home security and are excited to introduce more products and features.

What if I have multiple monitoring plans? Will they all receive a price increase?

If you have multiple monitoring plans, you may receive a separate email communication notifying you of a price increase to the other plans. SimpliSafe® will not increase the prices of any plans without an email notice to inform you of any price change.

You can check the pricing of your monitoring plan at any time using the following steps:

SimpliSafe® Mobile App:

  1. Open the SimpliSafe® Mobile App

  2. Click on the three-bar menu on the top left corner of the app

  3. Select Plan & Billing to view your monitoring plan

SimpliSafe® Web App:

  1. Login at https://webapp.simplisafe.com/

  2. Choose Monitoring from the left-hand navigation bar

  3. At the top, you'll see a banner with your monitoring plan and the plan price

Where can I compare SimpliSafe® monitoring plans and prices?

You can compare our monitoring plans, features, and pricing on our Help Center.

How can I switch plans?

To change your existing plan, contact our team of experts directly at 1-800-203-1543. Be sure to have your Safe Word ready, as our team will need it before making any changes to your monitoring service.