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Opting Out of Monitoring Phone Calls


What is SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe provides DIY home security systems with professional monitoring services. This service ensures that when an alarm is triggered the homeowner (and their designated Secondary Contacts if they are unavailable) is contacted, and that police are dispatched when necessary.

What are Monitoring Contacts?

Monitoring contacts are customer-designated folks who are called during and after alarms, who will receive phone calls from our monitoring center at (855)693-4911. There are two types of monitoring contacts: Primary and Secondary.

Primary contacts are the phone numbers that are contacted after your alarm sounds but before the police are dispatched. There are options for up to two primary numbers, which means either one or two numbers are contacted. We recommend two primary contacts listed in case we cannot reach the first contact. Any primary contacts will need to know know the Safe Word (the word or phrase selected by the customer to confirm your identity), which is needed to cancel police dispatch during an alarm. If you do not know the Safe Word, please reach out to the main customer on the account.

Secondary contacts are the phone numbers that will be contacted after the police are dispatched. The monitoring center can call up to five secondary contacts. This feature is useful to notify people of the alarm event and that the police have been dispatched to the home. Customers often make family neighbors, family members, and friends their secondary contacts. For more information on monitoring contacts and how to change or set them up, you can check out this article.

How do I remove myself as a Contact?

If you no longer wish to be listed as a SimpliSafe customer's Primary or Secondary Contact and receive phone calls from our monitoring service, you should contact the person who added you so that they can replace your information with someone else. This way, they can rest assured that someone will always be appropriately notified of an alarm.

Alternatively, you can contact our support center to have yourself removed as a Secondary Contact from the account.