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Setting Up A New PIN


What are PINs?

PINs are the four-digit sequences used to arm and disarm your system, as well as to lock and unlock the Smart Lock. When setting up your system, you will be prompted to create a Master PIN. However, you have the option to create additional Custom and Duress PINs.

When you set up Custom PINs, you’ll be able to delegate access to your location, without allowing an individual to make changes to your SimpliSafe system. You’ll also be able to see which PIN was used to arm or disarm your system in the timeline on the Mobile App or Web app. 

Duress PINs can be used in emergency situations to immediately request police assistance at your location. 

Please note that PINs are different from your Safe Word. Your Safe Word will be needed to make changes to your monitoring subscriptions and to verify or cancel an alarm event when you’re on the phone with our team of experts.

Setting up PINs

There are three types of PINs in our latest SimpliSafe: Master, Custom, and Duress. The Smart Lock uses the exact same PINs as the Keypad. There are two ways to change or add PINs.

1. The SimpliSafe® Mobile App:

  1. Navigate to the My System gear on the bottom of the screen

  2. Next, select Location Settings from the menu

  3. Select PINs at the bottom of the screen

  4. Select Add Custom PIN

  5. Follow the onscreen prompts to create and save each new PIN you’d like to add

  6. In the future, you can change the name of a PIN, the PIN itself, or delete it by clicking on the PIN

2. The Keypad:

  1. Push the Menu button on the Keypad

  2. Enter your Master PIN

  3. Select PINs

  4. Follow the onscreen prompts to create and save each new PIN you'd like to add

PIN Types

PIN Type


Master PIN

Allows disarming your system. The Master PIN is also required in order to access the Keypad’s menu.

Custom PIN

Custom PINs are similar to the Master PIN, but cannot access the menu to change system settings. Give these to friends and family to let them disarm your system. Naming them allows you to keep track of who is disarming your system. These can be added and deleted as needed. You can have up to four Custom PINs on your system.

Duress PIN

Emergency PIN used to instantly notify emergency responders that you are under duress. When this PIN is entered on the Keypad, we’ll request dispatch from the police immediately (and disarm the system to fool intruders).