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How do I Download a Certificate to get a Discount on my Homeowner’s Insurance Policy?


US customers with an active monitoring subscription and a SimpliSafe® System may be eligible to receive a discount on their homeowner's insurance policy. Please reach out to your homeowner's insurance provider to determine eligibility.

If you are based in the US and meet the criteria above, you can download a monitoring certificate from your SimpliSafe® account on the Web App at any time.

If you find a box on your monitoring certificate isn't checked off, you can place your system into Test Mode and test a device to get it to register on the certificate.

To download your monitoring certificate:

  1. Log in to your account on the SimpliSafe® WebApp in a browser on your PC or tablet

    1. Select the property you wish to manage from the list, if applicable

  2. Navigate to the Monitoring section of your account from the left-hand navigation menu

  3. In the upper right portion of the screen, inside the blue bar that spans the width of the screen, click “download certificate” beneath the “Monitoring Certificate” header. 

Monitoring section of SimpliSafe WebApp with download certificate button under Monitoring Certificate in upper right screen

If you do not see a specific hazard monitoring type (burglary, panic, fire, water/freeze) checked off on your monitoring certificate and own a product that monitors for that hazard, it’s possible that the device was recently added and needs time to register. You can speed up this process by placing your system into Test Mode, and then testing the device in question. Once tested, go back to the WebApp and download a new copy of the monitoring certificate. You should now see the box checked for that specific type of hazard monitoring. If you are still having trouble with the appropriate checkbox being marked off, please contact our support team for further assistance.

This PDF version of your monitoring certificate can be emailed to your insurance agent as an attachment, illustrating that you have professional monitoring at this property. The certificate shows the current date and the date on which the service was activated. In some cases, insurance agents will backdate discounts for your homeowner’s insurance policy to match the activation date of your monitoring plan, so be sure to inquire about that when sending your certificate!