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Wednesday, June 15th, 2022 6:33 AM


Additional chimes to place throughout the house or the extra siren to have it ding when a door is opened. I can’t hear it from one side of the house to the other unless I’m in the center of the house and near my kitchen.

another suggestion is to have the doorbell camera work with my existing doorbell chime and also extend chimes to place throughout the house. Similar to the chimes received when a door is open.

I would open my wallet to purchase those. Also would like a lock for front door but those are out of stock right now.

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2 years ago

Hi @magicman4619 ,

You might not already know about the Wireless Siren, which does exactly what you describe. Learn about it here.

The Siren can relay chimes, countdowns, and of course full alarm sirens. Unfortunately, right now, it's not yet able to relay doorbell chimes.

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