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Thursday, January 2nd, 2020 3:54 PM

Outdoor Siren Test??

How can I test the outdoor siren, without the monitor service responding?  In test mode the system only beeps and does not actually sound the siren.

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4 years ago

The monitoring service does not respond if you enter your code within 30 seconds of the alarm sounding.  If you can complete your test in 30 seconds, you're good.  If you go over, they will call, but you can cancel them sending out emergency responders by giving them your secret code, but that would take up their resources for an unnecessary call.

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How do you know its a 30 second delay? I bought a panic button last week, put the system in test mode, pressed the button and the monitoring service called me almost immediately.

I like the fact that they respond quickly, but there should be an option to take them out of the loop when you are in full live test mode or showing someone how it works.  I don't want to take away their time in calling when we are just testing the system.

If the response time is indeed 30 seconds, then that will give me enough time to sound the siren and then shut it off, but I would like to know how you confirmed that response time.

Thanks for answering

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4 years ago

You can call the monitoring company and request for a few minutes of test so they will not call while you are doing it. I did one time for 5 minutes and i let her rip then it goes back to normal monitoring after that. I would say call ss and ask them to put it on test but we all know how that will go. Or you can just have your keyfob ready and as soon as it goes off you can turn it off and have phone ready just in case.



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4 years ago

@eagle670 COPS will call if and when they have the time if a test signal. I do routine maintanence and inspection on my system every other month. I first put my SS3 system in test mode via the menu on the keypad and COPS calls. I ask them to put the entire system on test for 1 hour and then they confirm the time it will come off test automatically. I then proceed to clean and test all of my smoke (6) and Co (3) sensors, and then move on to the glass breaks and check the mounting of all of the others. Note my wife isn't home either as she hates to hear the beeping sounds of the sirens, smoke and Co sensors.

The schedule works well, for COPS, the Mrs and me.

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4 years ago

Thanks for the info.

I would hope that Simplisafe would enhance their app to allow live testing of the unit, without triggering the monitoring service.

Even better would be to have an option in the software to "Disable Monitoring Service", then once your test is complete, you could re-enable it

4 months ago

Trying to figure out how to do this remotely, from phone or computer.  I want to check to make sure siren is working, and would be able to hear it from the camera speaker.

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@bobschraderesq​ Unfortunately there is currently no way to remotely turn on the Outdoor Camera's siren. The siren will only sound if an alarm has been triggered.

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