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Friday, January 17th, 2020 5:28 AM

operating temperature 105DB Siren

After doing multiple quarries the consensus
seems to be the the low operating temperature of the siren is 44F.  According to NOAA the mean freeze free period for half the continental US is 180 days, this means that  the external siren isn't appropriate for half the country..  The most likely cause for the 44 degree minimum operating temperature is the batteries.  I opened up my siren and it has alkaline batteries Alkaline batteries have a significant loss of capacity at  freezing 32 F whereas Lithium batteries.retain capacity down to  Minus 40 F..  Is the simple solution to change to lithium batteries in the winter?  I suspect that using lithium AA batteries  will extend the operating temperature range of the siren otherwise it is useless for half the year.  The current dailey high where I live is around 29 F.  I'm going to install the Siren outside  and test it and then wait for the inevitable  minus 20 F day and test it again.  I will report the results.


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2 years ago

Thanks for flagging, @dshankman ,

Per the SimpliSafe Owner's Guide, for the Gen 3 SimplISafe Wireless Siren we recommend operating temperatures between 32°F to 120°F, with 90% Max Humidity. It is sealed for better survivability across a wide variety of weather conditions, though at extreme temperatures, you might just have to replace the battery more often. Of course, you'll get a Low Battery warning before it's time.

As for swapping in Lithium type batteries instead - so long as you use the same battery size (AA), it should technically work. But Lithium batteries are better for low-drain applications, which is why we have Lithium batteries for all of the sensors. A high-powered device like the Wireless Siren would drain quickly, so you might have to change out the battery after a prolonged alarm even, or if you get a lot of door chimes/countdowns on your system.


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2 years ago

Hoping for an official reply from Simplisafe. 

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1 year ago

I don't know as I have had my outdoor siren outside for years and the batteries that are in them now have been in there for 3 years and we have had some 20 degree nights and summer is brutal and I have the siren chirp for entry sensors open and alarm countdown and still going 

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