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Sunday, September 12th, 2021 2:40 AM

Is this a new 'feature'...outdoor 105db siren stays on for 5 minutes no matter what?

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2 years ago

Hi Gary and Debby,

Sorry about that confusing info! Your Gen2 system cannot actually receive updates (and even if it could, we wouldn't update your system without your permission). So this is definitely not something that was added to your system from our end.

Sounds like what's happening is a bit of interference. That is, your Siren is getting the signal to start an alarm. But when you cancel, it should also get a signal to stop. If it doesn't, it'll continue through the maximum amount of time for any alarm, which is indeed 5 minutes.
Interference can be caused by anything getting in the way of the signal - like dense physical objects (walls, appliances) or other wireless signals competing for the same airspace. Recent changes to your setup, like moving the Base Station or the siren, or setting up new wireless devices, might affect the range of the signal.

You're on the right track in saying that it could possibly be a battery issue. If it's running low, the signal could get a bit weaker. Has it been about 6-8 months since the last time you replaced those batteries? If so, it. might be time again now.

Of course, last thing I should ask is, have you already considered upgrading to the Gen3 system? On top of a host of advanced features, and the ability to add brand new components like the Smart Lock and Wireless Outdoor Camera, the whole system also features a much stronger signal that can reach further. So you'll have less trouble with interference issues like this. We've got a great upgrade deal for 50% off!

- Johnny M.
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2 years ago

I have not noticed that on my SS2 system.  If I disarm the alarm, the siren stops.  If you have 2 or more sirens (as I do) and one stops but another keeps going, I would think maybe the siren that keeps going isn't receiving the signal to stop.  Might be a battery issue or interference.  You can also lower the time the siren sounds, in your system settings.
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