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Friday, December 9th, 2022 8:26 PM

extra siren not going off

I'm setting up my new system. I have an extra siren. When I push the panic button, it works perfectly. But when I set the system to Away then set off the motion detector, the base station alarm goes off but the extra siren doesn't. Am I doing something wrong or doesn't it sound when the motion detector is activated? Am I missing a setting?




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2 years ago

@reverson47 If the base station alarm sounds right away, then you do have the motion sensor on instant trigger and the aux siren should sound. I suggest you check your settings, and if correct, try removing it and adding it back to the system again. Batteries should be checked too, that you pulled the tab and they are inserted correctly. All else fails, call support to troubleshoot.


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2 years ago

Hi @reverson47,


Just to recap what you've mentioned: When you press one of your Panic Buttons, the Wireless Siren does relay the main siren alarm.

But when you trigger the alarm from a sensor, it doesn't seem to respond?


The correct behavior is that when a sensor is triggered, the Wireless Siren should start sounding the countdown tones. Could it be possible that you have the countdown disabled on the siren? It does have its own set of settings, which you can change on the Smartphone app, or your Keypad.

Of course, if you let it count all the way down, you should start hearing the main siren on both the Base Station and the Wireless Siren.


It's possible that you're seeing a connectivity issue, where the alarm signal is sometimes not making it from the Base Station to the Wireless Siren. To test, try moving the siren to the same room as the Base Station. If it's sounding the siren correct in the same room, but continues to have trouble at the original spot where you want it, we might need to troubleshoot for physical or wireless interference.

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1 year ago

The same thing is happing to me.  I tested the batteries and they are fine. I made sure the tab was completed pulled out.  Could this have something to do with the 2G cellular module? I  just order my replacement today.

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Hi @mmestrov​ 

The 2G module wouldn't affect the extra siren or your system's functionality just yet. When 2G towers are turned off on December 31st, you may see an impact with how your system communicates to our professional monitoring centers. 

It is possible there may be an underlying connectivity issue between the Base Station and Extra Siren. How far apart are these two devices? Are there any concrete or brick walls or floors between them?

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