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Saturday, June 13th, 2020 8:27 PM

Auxillary Siren going through batteries every monthy

Anyone else have issues with Siren needing new batteries every month.  Have only had 3 months and gone through 12 AA batteries. Any help is appreciated.



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4 years ago

@ scott.brandt, this is very unusual for SS2 or SS3, especially SS3.  A weak connection could be one cause, but more likely its defective. I suggest you call SS support and request nc replacement under the 3 year warranty.

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1 year ago

Turn off exit/entrance chirps and entry chime modes, and if in a cold weather area move siren to a sheltered spot.

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1 year ago

I have the same exact issue, mine is in a sheltered warm area and all chime modes are off. My batteries no matter what brand etc make it maybe 3-4 weeks before they are dead.

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The biggest impact to the battery life of the WIreless Sensor (apart from extreme temperatures) would be interference, which forces the unit to work harder to maintain a connection with the Base Station. Interference can be caused by other wireless signals competing for the same airspace, but more likely it's dense physical objects (like multiple walls, brick or stucco, heavy appliances) that are impeding or even stopping the signal. So it might help to move the Wireless Sensor or the Base Station around to different spots, so that the signal has an easier time passing between them.

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