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Monday, February 21st, 2022 1:33 AM

Auxiliary siren

​Can the aux siren be activated in a test mode without pressing the button it?  During a recent renovation, it was misplaced and is now missing.  The base station is reporting a low battery on the siren but we can't find it.​

​is  a mock break-in, the only way to activate it?  ​

​I pressed the panic button but only the base station sounded.​

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1 year ago

Call SS and have them put you in practice mode. You can trigger an alarm without a police being dispatched. After you are done have SS take you out of  practice mode.

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1 year ago

@tls has solid advice that can prevent accidental dispatches.

However, if you've already tried triggering a Panic Alarm and the siren didn't sound - the battery may have already died! Unfortunately there might not be a way to find it now other than the old-fashioned way.

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2 months ago

If I hit the 'Panic Button' the outside 'Siren' should sound, is that correct?

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Hi @CH25​,

You are correct! If you hit your Panic Button, the Auxiliary Siren will sound. 

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