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Monday, January 6th, 2020 5:14 PM

2 extra sirens?

Can I use 2 extra sirens with SS3 (along with the base station)?

EDIT:  Never mind.  The fact that you can order 20 of them at a time indicates that you can have at least several working simultaneously.

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5 years ago

I have 3!

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5 years ago

You can have up to 100 various components with your SS3 system - only one base station per account, however (and 10 cameras/recording subscription with the interactive monitoring plan).

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5 years ago

Actually if you look at the information about cameras, it says unlimited amount.  In the past, SS reps have said up to 10.


So up to 10 definitely.  

I have found that 4 cameras is more than ample for my 1600 sq ft. house, plus the video doorbell.

I do have 4 exterior cameras from a different company.

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5 years ago

^ but,  "doesn't matter how many cameras" and "unlimited recording" are two different things.  I don't remember a post, if there was one, about more than 10 cameras being ok.  If I missed this somewhere, my apologies.
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