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Tuesday, May 9th, 2023 10:43 PM

Best system for spouse with dementia

My spouse doesn't wander yet, but its a definite possibility for the future. What's the best, and easily installed system to keep them safe.

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29 days ago

Not sure. If she would wear a watch and keep it on there are gps tracker watches in case she left the house. If you don't have or need door security for her, Simplisafe has the door sensors and motion sensors, indoor cameras that can be set for motion, wait for the new indoor models, they usually give you and older model free and outdoor cams If you have strong wifi. Wired doorbell cameras hooked with strong wifi. By strong I mean Dbm string.

Easy stick on sensors install. The above sensors can be set to secret alert, alarm etc. goes to your phone as a message or blares a siren if needed. But that would probably scare a person. Maybe a siren sound or something loud on your phone if a door sensor is tripped.

Web search will get you lots of options as well. And all of the above can be used for home security as well with or without monitoring. No monitoring is limited use though. Good luck!


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28 days ago

Hi @tituswife63, 

Dlpsr makes an excellent point! With our Motion Sensors and Entry Sensors, you will be notified if your wife begins to wander and trips one of them off. When your system is armed and one of these sensors is tripped, an alarm will sound. If a loud sound could potentially be scary, you can also set your sensors to give you a Secret Alert. With this, there will be no audible sound; instead, a notification will be sent to your phone. 

Regarding the installation of these sensors, you can install them both using the adhesive strips they are shipped with - no tools required! You can check out our Entry Sensor Installation Guide and our Motion Sensor Installation Guide to see just what the process looks like. 

If you have any other questions about the SimpliSafe system, please let me know! 

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