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Tuesday, August 15th, 2023 3:50 PM

New Signal Strength Indicator added to SimpliSafe app

Now it’s easier than ever to check on your Wireless Outdoor Cameras and Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Cameras! In the Cameras section of the SimpliSafe® app, you will now see a WiFi signal strength indicator for every camera, which can tell you if you need to troubleshoot the connection between your camera, and your WiFi router or access point.



To see the new feature, you’ll need to update to the latest version of the SimpliSafe® app from your phone’s app store:

  • iOS version 2100.11.0 or higher
  • Android version 5.11.0 or higher

Click here to learn more about the strength indicator feature.



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10 months ago

This is signficant enough, IMO, to justify an email to customers, as this thread will be buried quickly.

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And it's a nice improvement, showing both battery strength and signal strength.

In terms of email notifications, frequently the keypads don't 'announce' updates, and they never explain them.  So emails to customers who have these devices would be greatly appreciated.  For instance, just now, while working with Support, we found a small base station update because we used the keypad to look for it.  But the keypad is usually at my door, not next to my keyboard on my PC.  All of this should be doable from the app and we should get notifications.

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