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Friday, January 31st, 2020 9:48 PM

Firmware 1.5 (January 2020 Update)

Hi folks,

We're happy to announce that firmware update 1.5 is now live. We strongly recommend that you update your Base Station to this version, which includes many important performance and security improvements.

If you've never updated before, here's how:
  1. Make sure you're connected to WiFi
  2. Check that an update is available by heading over to your Keypad and looking for a Gear icon
  3. Press the side of the screen where the Gear icon is, and follow the on-screen instructions


User PIN names now show up in the App timeline; the Base Station will now offer to connect to WiFi when it checks for updates; performance improvements and fixes.

Base Station

  • System now offers to connect to WiFi upon checking for updates over cellular
  • Fixed an issue where arming of system via Online Command may not go through, after a recent update
  • Fixed an issue where erroneous entries may be sent to the Timeline event log when the PIN is entered incorrectly
  • Improved "remind me later" feature for over-the-air updates when clicked or restarted
  • Improved flexibility towards WiFi SSIDs in Base Station
  • Performance and responsiveness improvements, including door chime


  • Addressed a scenario where Keypad may beep twice on button press
  • Update icon will remain visible on the Keypad screen even after clearing other warnings
  • Fixed issue with changing modes after canceling a Keypad firmware update


  • Improved experience for naming Entry Sensors
  • Entry Sensor no longer generates incorrect "low battery' warning after initial setup
  • Fixed possible duplicate or missing "low battery' announcements for Carbon Monoxide Detector and Smoke Detector
  • Fixed an issue with Smoke Detector installation if a Carbon Monoxide Detector is already installed
  • Improved how a smoke alarm reports the end of an alarm

Smart Lock

  • Fixed behavior of Smart Lock upon removing Entry Sensor
  • Ensured correct handling of Smart Lock status updates


  • User PIN names now display in app Timeline
  • Addressed duplicate events in the Timeline
  • Addressed issue where incorrect signals may appear on the Timeline when timing out of the Keypad Menu
  • Addressed Freeze Sensor alert on Webapp when sensor is at normal temperature

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

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4 years ago

So... I've not been paying attention to this for a while.

I have SS3.

Keypad version is 1.2.16
Base station version is 1.3.2

check for updates gives "your system is up to date"

Am I behind on firmware? I guess I'd need to call Simplisafe to get this addressed?

Thanks in advance!

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4 years ago

^ Yes, your system needs to be updated - it's been 3+ weeks since the firmware update, so call SS, ask for a supervisor, then ask him/her to push the update to your keypad (if the push works, you'll see a gear icon on the left side of your keypad display, or go into your system settings and look for "check for updates" to see if you have an update ready to install)

Current version:

Base station:  1.5.8
Keypad:   1.5.6

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4 years ago

Nope! That didn't work!

Update failed after 4% download and had the keypad touching the base station.

Base Station still at v1.5.8
Keypad still at v1.4.20

Keypad still showing update gear symbol.
I had contacted SimpliSafe tech support over 48 hours ago and had them push the update.

This is SimpliSad for SimpliSafe cause this update SimpliSucks!

Maybe I'm done with this amateur do-it-yourself so called security system.
I think I may check with a professional security system.
I need a system that I can depend on to protect my property and the lives of my family.
What good is a security system that can't be updated?

Just out of curiosity, does anyone from SimpliSafe tech support ever help out on this forum?



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4 years ago

@webslammer rarely, if at all, SS will respond in the forum. They are pushing for customers to use the new Help Center and calling in.  Your system will still work without the update but work with support.

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4 years ago

SS shows up very rarely here.  This is just a place for users to help each other out.  Slamming the company that works fine for most of us is generally not going to motivate anyone to help you further.  Send it back.

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Not slamming the company at all, just stating frustration with tech support. I've made several calls to tech support and they have no answer why the update doesn't take. Absolutely none.
I don't know what's in the update or if it's important or not. I can only assume it is since SimpliSafe is a security company. I take updates seriously concerning anything that protects me physically or digitally. If someone wishes not to help, that's fine. It was not my intention to offend. But I am documenting an issue with the security system. If my system ever updates, I'll share how it happened so that it may help someone else.

Have a good one.

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4 years ago

Bob, call SS and ask for a supervisor (the phone reps don't always know or understand the issues) - tell the supervisor your base appeared to update but not your keypad, and ask for assistance in getting it updated.  The updates are not without problems sometimes, most of us have had at least one issue with an update, sometimes more.  Don't end the call until the supervisor indicates he/she can resolve the issue (even if it's a day or so later while they consult the engineers :)

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4 years ago

This update has killed my keypad, soon as it finished installing the keypad went off and is now not responding and not lighting up.

Was working perfectly fine before this update. No other issues thankfully.

Plan to call support to see what can be done.

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4 years ago

^ this happened to several users during the second-to-last update - usually all one has to do is remove batteries, wait about 10 minutes or so, re-insert them, and just leave the keypad alone for about 20 minutes to a half hour, they seem to "wake up" on their own after the update.  However, I think yours is the first report of this happening for this most RECENT update so you might put in a call to SS, if for nothing else, to alert them this has happened in the last two updates.

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4 years ago

In simple terms ---
What is the best and/or proper way to test the Smoke Alarm?  I don't want the Fire Department responding.

Edit --- Looks like I posted this in the wrong place, sorry  :-(

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4 years ago

OK, so my freeze sensor still shows alarm when the temp is within the set range. I thought this was reported fixed in the release notes.

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4 years ago

Is everyone here getting this update in the USA?
I'm in the UK and my firmware is 1.3.4

Customer Service have told me this is the latest...?

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4 years ago

^  hmmm, not sure about the UK - try calling them again and ask for a senior supervisor to confirm what version the firmware update is for UK users.

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4 years ago

SS is required by US law to make all cameras available to the NSA so our firmware is different.

Im kidding.

I hope. Lol
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