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Friday, January 31st, 2020 9:48 PM

Firmware 1.5 (January 2020 Update)

Hi folks,

We're happy to announce that firmware update 1.5 is now live. We strongly recommend that you update your Base Station to this version, which includes many important performance and security improvements.

If you've never updated before, here's how:
  1. Make sure you're connected to WiFi
  2. Check that an update is available by heading over to your Keypad and looking for a Gear icon
  3. Press the side of the screen where the Gear icon is, and follow the on-screen instructions


User PIN names now show up in the App timeline; the Base Station will now offer to connect to WiFi when it checks for updates; performance improvements and fixes.

Base Station

  • System now offers to connect to WiFi upon checking for updates over cellular
  • Fixed an issue where arming of system via Online Command may not go through, after a recent update
  • Fixed an issue where erroneous entries may be sent to the Timeline event log when the PIN is entered incorrectly
  • Improved "remind me later" feature for over-the-air updates when clicked or restarted
  • Improved flexibility towards WiFi SSIDs in Base Station
  • Performance and responsiveness improvements, including door chime


  • Addressed a scenario where Keypad may beep twice on button press
  • Update icon will remain visible on the Keypad screen even after clearing other warnings
  • Fixed issue with changing modes after canceling a Keypad firmware update


  • Improved experience for naming Entry Sensors
  • Entry Sensor no longer generates incorrect "low battery' warning after initial setup
  • Fixed possible duplicate or missing "low battery' announcements for Carbon Monoxide Detector and Smoke Detector
  • Fixed an issue with Smoke Detector installation if a Carbon Monoxide Detector is already installed
  • Improved how a smoke alarm reports the end of an alarm

Smart Lock

  • Fixed behavior of Smart Lock upon removing Entry Sensor
  • Ensured correct handling of Smart Lock status updates


  • User PIN names now display in app Timeline
  • Addressed duplicate events in the Timeline
  • Addressed issue where incorrect signals may appear on the Timeline when timing out of the Keypad Menu
  • Addressed Freeze Sensor alert on Webapp when sensor is at normal temperature

Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

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4 years ago

I'm not noticing anything different at all.  My sensors actually seem to be slightly slower now.

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4 years ago

I got notice of the update tonight in the app.  Like others, took about 10 minutes per keypad.  No issues with the update.  Can't say I really notice any difference but time will tell.

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4 years ago

My system appears to be no different (applied Friday, January 31, 2020). The responsiveness is the same. Of course, I did not employ any updates beyond the second (due to reports of sensor/voice prompt delays). I was waiting for what we have now, Release Notes.

The only issue reported was yesterday. My housekeeper left a note stating that when she opened my entryway window and then armed the system, it did not give a sensor open warning. However, when I replicated the exact sequence, it notified me immediately. I am uncertain if she merely missed the audible alert or if it did not announce it as reported.

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4 years ago

I got the gear icon on both my keypads this morning.  I chose remind me later.  As they say, if it isn't broken... :)

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4 years ago

Just updated, smooth sailing. Much faster response to siren beep from opening an entry.

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4 years ago

How do I check what Firmware I am  currently running ? Checked my keypad and its saying I'm up tp date.

Thanks in advance

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4 years ago

@tectop hit menu, punch in pin, go to system settings scroll down to diagnostics then you will see the keypad, base station, wifi, cell. The new base station update is version 1.5.8 keypad is version 1.5.6. You may have to call or message them through Facebook messenger to have them push the update to you if your not updated.

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4 years ago

Update 1.5 Broke Siren.
I updated my system to 1.5 yesterday.  No problems with the updates to the base and keypads.
However, since the update my Siren isn't working properly.
If I set my system to Away the Siren chimes as it should, but if I open any entry sensor to exit the house, the Siren stops chiming.
This didn't happen before the update.
I removed the Siren and reinstalled it, but that hasn't helped.
It stops chiming every time I open a door to exit.

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4 years ago

Are you talking about the door chime option for the siren?  Check to make sure the settings didn't revert to the default of OFF.

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4 years ago

No. It is the Exit Warning beep that is broken now.
The siren stops beeping if you open any door to exit the house after setting Away mode.  I was told it is a known issue that would be fixed without another firmware push.
I'm not sure how that is possible.

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4 years ago

I saw the notification today on my keypad....No gear icon but above system devices, it was spelled out, up date available....Base station and keypad updated in about 10 minutes without a glitch.....

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4 years ago

I haven't updated yet.

Is anyone aware of any issues that have been introduced in this patch that might make me want to avoid it?  I am always resistant to updating things that seem to be working fine.

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My keypad is now dead and the base is randomly announcing things like one of my entries is not connected (and it is). I'm worried the alarm will just randomly decide to go off

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4 years ago

^^ See a few concerns above. I've not experienced any of them luckily...

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4 years ago

Update Failed!

Base Station = v1.5.8
Keypad = v1.4.20

Have attempted to download and update keypad more than five times. The download gets to 7% to 9% and then fails with the following error message:

"Update failed. Make sure this keypad is close to the base station and try again later.'

Called tech support and was told to reboot the base station by unplugging it and removing the rechargeable batteries for a few minutes, reinstall the batteries and plug the base station back in. No problem there. Attempted the keypad update and again it failed. Removed the batteries from the keypad. After a few minutes, reinstalled the batteries in the keypad and let it link up with the system. Attempted the update again with no luck. WTF?!

Does anyone have a solid solution to getting the keypad up to date with the base station? Updates over WiFi are so basic that this should be updated without issue. Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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4 years ago

@webslammer (Bob)

The first update pushed (ever - nearly two years ago) of mine failed - twice. The solution for me was to have the Keypad TOUCHING the Base Station during the download. 1-2 inches away, was too far. The proximity issue may not be the same for everyone, but it was my experience.

It will not hurt to give it a try.

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@ Shiherlis

Fair enough.

I'll give that a try and if that doesn't work, I think I'll try Voodoo or some such mystic black art, lol.

Thanks for your help and I'll let you know if it works.
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