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Friday, December 29th, 2023 3:04 PM

SHtF and it don’t work!

So here you are thinking everything is great running your SS system. Then you loose internet and cellular service as a horrible event happens. 

Don’t think this can’t happen to you. Natural disasters happen all the time. And looters always come by to steal from you.

This is why you got the best SS system they have to offer. Oh wait what are you telling me? You have no access to SS security from a smart device even though you were smart and prepped. You tell me you have power and the WiFi still works (no internet only WiFi). But wait the cameras won’t work on your smart device because the data is sent to the cloud?? 

That is an issue! SS team please have a little foresight give us the option to be offline! And fail over to offline if said experience happens as stated above This would make many folks happy!

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5 months ago

@wellskin Our cameras do have to connect to our servers through the internet to work; so even if Wi-Fi still works, if the internet is down the cameras will not be able to function. 

If you could please publish this in the Product Requests and Suggestions section of the Community, we can go ahead and submit this idea to our dev team for their consideration. 

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