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Friday, February 7th, 2020 2:11 PM

Watching Over a Multi-Million-Dollar Inventory

In the high-end auction industry security is crucial.  My auction gallery has used SimpliSafe since 2015 and has never been disappointed with the superior products or superior monitoring and customer service.

We are now handling one of the world's largest collections of Americana ever to be presented at auction, the Alex Shear Collection, and to protect it, of course, we are using SimpliSafe!

Watching over a multi-million-dollar inventory requires multiple solutions - and SimpliSafe provides all of the security solutions we need!  From door sensors to motion sensors, cameras to glass-breaking sensors, temperature monitors to fire sensors, SimpliSafe has the solutions to our security needs.  That is why Scott Daniel's Auction Gallery uses SimpliSafe.  

Thank you SimpliSafe!

Scott Daniel
Scott Daniel's Auction Gallery

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4 years ago

Wow very cool!  Very cool indeed.  You know, if you ever need a safe place to store a painting, my fireplace is also protected by an SS system!  :)  But seriously, this says a lot about Simplisafe!  A lot.
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