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Sunday, November 27th, 2022 10:41 PM

Very limited (basic) system

My previous security system had a lot more functionality than this one.  Had I known, I wouldn't have switched.  This system has great potential, but here are some functions I would like to see based on what I had previously..

  • Multiple user logins with permissions (sharing one login is extremely unsecure)
  • Entry pinpad scheduling for contractors (limit dates and times)
  • More event notification configurations
    • Sensor left open (more than xx minutes)
    • Door left unlocked (more than xx minutes)
    • Door lock and unlock notifications (don't need them all the time)
  • Geofence based alerts
    • Arming reminder when leaving home zone
    • Sensor left open when away from home zone
    • Sensor alert only when not in home zone
  • More outdoor camera settings (currently sends constant motion alerts)
    • System status based alerts
    • Time based alerts (i.e. 6pm - 6am)
    • Location based alerts (only when outside home zone)
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