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Saturday, January 18th, 2020 2:32 PM

Terrible customer service, convoluted web site and phone application.

need to update my payment information,been trying for 2 days now,,, i make the updates on the web site, submit... then get an email telling me to update my payment information,  go back to the web site and the old payment information is displayed this happened 3 times.. so i decide to call the number for CS... only to be put on hold after 10 minutes i hung up.... Finally after 4 attempts the new CC info stuck but still get alerts to update the payment... after which i get an email telling me my contact information has been changed,, i go to the web site but see to changes.. very poor interface.... guess i made a bad investment in simplisafe

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4 years ago

Billing and credit card updating are known issues that SS hasn't addressed for a few months now.  You're not alone.  Guess it's not a priority for them.
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