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Sunday, April 9th, 2023 1:12 PM


Just got my system and overall very pleased so far, was very easy to set up, only issue I had is while setting devices up if I had to stop and come back I had to make the base reactivate again in order to set that sensor up but overall it was very easy.  Things that really need to be developed:

1) This is my #1 complaint and I've seen others say the same thing, when you open a door sensor it should say for example "Front Door Open" and then when it closes it should say "Front Door Closed".  Also if you leave a door open you should get an alert and or text that says "Front Door was left open at what ever time".  Every other system out there does this and for those with young kids and indoor pets this is a must.  I know if this is not added soon it will make me look for a system that does.

2) Wireless Indoor Cameras, how can Blink make a camera that is wireless, high rez, can hear and speak and run on (2) Lithium batteries for 1-2 years depending on the settings.  Maybe at least create a base with a battery in it that you can wall mount your indoor camera.

3) For the app, need a way to add family members, give them user name and password to log into the app but not have admin type controls, just be able to turn on and off, get alerts (if they want to, they should be able to turn on or off or admin can, my kid doesn't need alerts but my wife does).

4) Panic Button in the app, I get it we don't want a bunch of Butt Dial panic alerts so make it where you have to hold down on it for 15 seconds or something before it goes off or you have to hit it twice like are you sure?

5) Upgraded keypad Option, would be awesome to have a touch screen key pad that plugs in or a base that plugs in to charge it where you can see all your cameras from it, still be able to set on counter or on a wall, plug in and the touch screen pad can charge but be taken off, I still would want the key pad you have also as they are great to mount in bedrooms, they have the panic button and you can snag off the wall and take them with you but having the option to add one nicer touch screen style larger pin pad or call it a monitoring station what ever but there are plenty of us who would buy one of those.  Also pin pads should have a camera in them so if someone uses that pin pad to turn off the system it snaps a pic so you can see who deactivated it

Again overall I love that I have so much control over my system, easy to set up and add to it as you all change and upgrade sensor's and cameras, Ill beta test anyting!!  I have the doorbell and lock also and love how its all integrated in.  Just a dad who like good tech trying to secure my family and home.

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1 year ago

I completely agree with number 1 for having the base say which sensors are open. It does it during test mode so it can be done and this has been a request for years.

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