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Monday, January 15th, 2024 3:18 PM

SS3 vs Chicagoland Winter

As we enter our 3rd day of windchills down to -30 and the high today of -3  I wanted to provide some insight into how my system is standing up to old man winter. Spoiler alert: better than its old man owner.

My two outdoor cameras, connected to AC that was intended from the start, are recording earlier with the new "pre-roll" feature and continue to stream in 2 seconds flat with the new Performance Mode.  (SS, you still have to change your screen titles on that).  When the sleet/snow started falling, however, the frequent recordings became an annoyance as I had to snooze both for hours on end.  You do need to step up the "people only" mode to eliminate or greatly reduce this issue. AI,  magic or anything else that you need to accomplish this will be appreciated.

My garage door sensors (yeah, simple hacked entry sensors) and the motion sensor in my toasty 22-degree unheated garage work fine.  Add in a 7-hour power failure last Friday my base and other 50+ components, less the six cameras, didn't miss a beat and worked as they should have.

Summary: I give my SS3 a solid B grade, with points deducted for the frequent recordings during the snow and sleet hours.  Your mileage may vary, but in my book, SS3 goes the extra mile!

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