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Monday, October 3rd, 2022 9:52 PM

Smart lock issues

I purchased my first (of two) SimpliSafe systems in January of 2021. Included the base, smart lock, video doorbell, one indoor camera and several door sensors. I purchased a second system for another home some months later. Both systems' smartlock has not been reliable. On several occasions I need to either lock or unlock the main door from the app and it does not connect to the base, giving me an error. I have been on the phone with support many times, and while they are readily available and helpful, I find that they have me uninstall and reinstall the smart lock or reset it multiple times. They even replaced the smart lock and it still fails. They told me they would ship the new one overnight and when it didn't arrive in 2 days they told me it was backordered and arrived a couple of months later. The base is approx 35 ft from the smartlock, unrestricted by walls. The door is steel, the base is on a wood cabinet and the floor is LVP. We check batteries, move the base closer, etc. They have credited me some months of service, which is appreciated, but doesn't help much if the system is unreliable. I have asked about returning the full system(s) for credit and they tell me it's not an option. I had another system in this house previously with no issues. Ever. I would not recommend this system to anyone at this point.

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2 years ago

Hi @dstearno ,

Thank you so much for your feedback, and I'm sorry to hear that you had such a struggle with getting your Smart Locks to function properly.

I would say that the steel door could be a problem, but only if it was actually in the way between the Smart Lock and the Base Station. If both components are inside the door, there should be less of an issue (that's how my own Smart Lock is set up).

One thing I should ask about is, when was the last time you updated the firmware on the Smart Lock? You'll know that there's an update available if you see a card in the Overview page in the SimpliSafe app. The latest update has been rolling out in the last few months, and it contains some performance improvements.

That being said, I'm going to go ahead and request a call for you from our escalated support team. We'll get you taken care of!

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@davey_d​ Hello - the steel door is the front door, outside and the lock is mounted inside the door.  There is no barrier, steel or any other solid wall between the lock and the base station.  I'm not sure why anyone would mount the lock outside the door.  If you read my history you will note that I had two more calls that evening that I wrote the original message.  The lock continued to have problems, even after hanging up on the first call with everything working, but subsequently failed after then next attempt to lock it from the app.  At the end of the second call, where we uninstalled and reinstalled again and it still did not work, the tech notices an error coming from the base station on her end.  She said, "this must be the problem, I don't know why the other techs didn't notice this...".  So she sent me a new base station and keypad which both were installed today.  So far it is working but I don't trust the Simplisafe system as this has been the pattern.  If it fails again, I will need to speak with someone in management as this system is clearly not working.  I'll be happy to speak with your escalated support team.  

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2 years ago

Do you get a message that says, “warning, blah blah smart lock not responding”? Because I get that all the time. 

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@usmaak​ Here is the error I get frequently:

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