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Sunday, October 4th, 2020 5:13 AM

Smart Home Integration


Are there any future plans to integrate the SimpliSafe System with services like HomeKit and IFTTT to provide more functionally and automation?

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4 years ago

At one time they said they were implementing Homekit, but then allegedly got into a conflict with Apple and canceled that program.  So now, there is no indication they are doing anything to integrate with other home automation tools.  Doesn't mean they are NOT, or WON'T, but it's considerably more likely there will be nothing from them.

As has always been the case with SS, if what they have right now fills your need, fine.  If anything they don't have is a deal breaker for you, avoid SS.  You will spend all your time stressing out over the lack, and they won't work on it, or tell you they will/won't work on it, and frankly, the few times they did do something, it took forever and they didn't tell anybody when it was ready and some customer had to find it and let us know.
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