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Tuesday, November 17th, 2020 3:32 PM

Since a CRC (Customer Resource Center) isn't available...

For many years a lot of customers (including myself) have asked for a true, well structured, Customer Resource Center (CRC).  While a new Help Center has been created, an overall well structured site has yet to materialize which would include a new customer forum, FAQs, self support tools, system status area, online webinars. online chat and a agent support system that actually works.

Basically put, Simplisafe's customer communication is not the best.

In the spirt of getting a few ideas rolling, here is a little golden nugget from the relatively new Help Center. it addresses the soon to be retirement of 2G networks and what SS is doing about it.  This topic alone is too important but still doesn't get the attention and communication it should.  Also, holes in the Help Center need to be filled...quickly.


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4 years ago

^ yeah, just found out today (was talking to tech support about something else), my SS3 base needs a new module (4G), despite my being told last year or so ago, that all SS3 systems were all updated prior to shipping (including the year some of us were early birds - early 2018).  I never got an email, and some people obviously are still not getting notice they need new modules.   Funny, that link you posted regarding the modules has a date of 2019.

Btw, if anyone is wondering, all new 4G modules are either Verizon or ATT.
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