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Friday, September 30th, 2022 11:52 PM

SimpliSafe vs Safe But Incredibly Cumbersome

Couple issues.

You need a dedicated "roll-up garage door" entry sensor. Yes I know you say to just use a regular entry sensor (and I did on one door) but in order to make it work I needed a 2x4, a saw, 2 1/2 inch screws, and a powered drill to get through steel. Your company name is SimpliSafe. If I need wood, a saw, large screws and a drill, then there is nothing Simple about it. Make a dedicated sensor. It will sell. Never could work out a solution on the second garage door. Too much metal and concrete.

I also installed one inside camera and three outside cameras. For the inside camera you have a subheading called "camera behavior."  With this section I can select when the camera will or won't detect motion depending on the alarm status (off, home, away). This is a great feature. Set it once and I am done. Motion detection is activated whenever I arm the system and deactivated when I turn the system off. Couldn't be better. After all, I don't need the system to keep telling me "hey, you went down the hallway again!"

Then you get to the outside cameras. Is "camera behavior" available here too? Nooooo! That would be SIMPLE. As in SimpliSafe. No, If I want to move about my property without constantly being contacted I must:

1: Go to cameras

2: Click on the settings icon.

3: Click on camera One.

4: Click on Motion Detection

5: Turn off Motion Events

6: Click on Save.

7: Click on back button

8: Click on back button again.

Am I done? Nope. Need to go through the same process for Camera Two.

And again for Camera three. What a needless pain in the ***.

And then guess what? When I arm the system I have to do it all over again for each camera so that they will be active. Yep, you guys need to change your name to Safe But Incredibly Cumberson

One last comment on the cameras. The ability to communicate with someone via the camera speaker is very hit and miss. One camera seems ok, on the second the speaker is very hard to hear, on the third the microphone doesn't pick up speech well. (T-mobile 5G with 4 point Google mesh router, so I've got good coverage.)

I also tried to install a door bell camera but there is a conflict with the existing door bell system. You folks are now sending me a part that should remedy the problem. If this is a frequent problem this part should be included with the kit. You charge a high price for the unit. I don't think the extra cost would kill you and you would have a much happier customer.  Again Simple vs Not Simple.



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2 years ago

@snakegreg45 If you want to give it a try, head over to Etsy and purchase the computer printed plastic (nylon?) entry sensor holders for garage doors. They are inexpensive, designed incredibly well and fit the SS3 entry sensors perfectly.  I am confident eventually SS will come out with fully integrated garage door sensors and would do well to just buy the design and fast track it.  As far as your feedback on the camera installs, well taken and SS should make it more streamline for multiple cameras installed at one time.

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Thank you for the Etsy tip. Those look perfect! I'll buy one today.

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