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Saturday, November 11th, 2023 1:35 AM

Simplisafe smoke alarm false alarms

How many people have the smoke detector from simplisafe? I have had one for awhile but have not set it up because all I hear is how easy they get set off and I know that if dust gets in you are supposed to vacuum or blow air in it regularly but I am nervous about it as I don't need the fire department showing up all the time as we will get fined. For everyone who has one how is it going for you and any problems. It will go in our hallway between all the bedrooms but a bathroom in the master bedroom and a spare bathroom in the hallway so I'm nervous about it there as steam from shower can setit off as well.  Thanks 

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8 months ago

Hi there! I’m a professional firefighter and SimpliSafe user since 2019. If you expect there a substantial amount of steam to make it to your SimpliSafe SD, then I would opt for a different choice. Here’s why:

  1. There are two main types of sensors used in smoke detection: ionization and photoelectric. SS uses photoelectric. 
  2. Photoelectric sensors are more sensitive to larger particles produced by smoldering fires (think burning wires and STEAM).
  3. Ionization sensors are more sensitive to smaller particles produced by flaming fires (think candles or burning the food on the stove).
  4. Both types can be subject to nuisance alarms if they’re placed too close to steam. However, SS detectors are more susceptible because of the nature of the technology.
  5. I would opt for an ionization type smoke alarm if you think this area is prone to steam. These can be picked up from the local hardware store for cheap.

Hope this helps!


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@sergiovergara​ as of now I'm just using my regular home detectors and using alexa to listen for them while we are away then if the smoke detectors go off alexa will notify me through app and I can look in cameras to see if I need to call 



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@lance843 As with many of the sensors, placement is 95% of the strategy of having a successful security system that is effective and reliable.  My SS3 system consists of 51 items, including six smoke smoke sensors and 3 CO sensors, besides the 4 water sensors and 1 temp sensor. Spoliler alert: # of false alarms when operational in 5+ years: One, which was cancelled. My wife then insisted I read the owners manaul. (Guilty as charged).

How was this acheved: bimonthly cleaning with compressed air cans purchased at Costco (one can goes a long way) and 2. repositioning of 2 of the units. 

As far as the motion sensors, they were all on alert only for about two weeks as I worked on placement (none facing sunny windows with eastern exposure, no facing air vents etc) and all nine of those work great.

Suggest you put up one smoke sensor and see how it goes.  And if you are wondering, it takes me about 7-10 minutes to check/clean the entire system.

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