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Friday, December 8th, 2023 3:43 AM


Simplisafe cameras did an amazing job today

I would like to say thank you simplisafe and a job well done as we had to have our A/C replaced and my outdoor cameras were going non stop all day long and between those cameras and my smart alarm cameras I had over 200+ notifications and the outdoor cameras have solar and never went down past 90% and I took one of the smart alarm cameras and put it under the christmas tree to get video of all there movements not because I don't trust them but incase they tear up walls or anything like that and these days ypu need proof of damages and that camera went all day and never died. My time line was packed full of videos. All cameras worked perfectly as they should and did an outstanding job. I can't thank simplisafe enough for what they do. Thanks again for the amazing service and products. #simplisafe4life #simplisafe4thewin 

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