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Thursday, September 30th, 2021 4:09 PM

Returns and refunds

The company provides for a 60-day trial period to make sure that customers are satisfied with the product, a money-back guarantee.  I never even opened the box and moved to a new residence where I did not need a security system.  Because it was beyond 60 days I was denied the right to return for a refund.  Inflexible policy, hiding behind a rule that was not intended for my circumstances doesn't say much for the company.

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3 years ago

Well, in their defense, they have to draw the line somewhere and that happens to be 60 days.  I'm sorry they don't have "rules" defined for everyone's specific circumstances.  Policy and "rules" are written for a reason.  Perhaps you can call again and try to speak with someone else to see if they would be willing to make an exception.  You should understand the return policy and warranty when you purchase the system, so it shouldn't come as a surprise.

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You can almost certainly sell that to someone for at least some of your money back. Or gift it to someone buying a new house, an adult child getting an apartment, or perhaps even see if a woman's shelter or similar group knows of someone it could go to? I know it's not the same as a full refund but you can either get some of your money back or really help someone out who could use it.

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3 years ago

Sorry, buddy, this one is on you.  If they are willing to give you a 60 day return for full refund, then bloody well evaluate the system then.  If you did not need a system then, why would you buy it?

No company could survive an unlimited return policy, or even a 60 month one.  And you very well know that if they did have a 60 month return policy, someone would try to return after 75 months and whine when it was not allowed.

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3 years ago

I purchased a Smart Lock online through their website on July 29, 2021. Unfortunately, the lock will not work the the current deadbolt that I have which is the new Kwikset deadbolt with the SmartKey technology that prevents break-ins from lock picking, bumping, etc. This type of deadbolt's center cylinder is placed lower than the standard deadbolts where it is all aligned with the 2 bolts/screws (3 holes aligned) of which the Smart Lock will fit. I was told to return the Smart Lock for a full refund after calling it in with Simplisafe tech support. After having confirmed the returned package on Sept. 8 and several weeks passed, I was finally credited but not the full amount. I was not credited for the shipping as I was expecting a full refund as promised. :(

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When you called support about this, what did they say?

(Also, do you mean the shipping when it was sent to you or the shipping when you sent it back? I believe they will provide a shipping label for you when you send it back per their documentation.)
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