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Thursday, December 10th, 2020 1:21 AM

Really helpful support from Simplisafe

I'm working at a business where we needed to set up 4 separate systems to guard 4 rooms (we needed 4 different systems so that the alarms can be turned on/off at different times independent from each other). I had called a couple times to get things set up and there always seemed to be some miscommunication on what we needed at my business but today I called to get the last 2 systems set up and Bryan P did such a phenomenal job! I recommend him for if you have any technical problems! He was able to walk me through the setup problem and helped troubleshoot a couple issues along the way, even stayed on the phone with me for a whole hour just to make sure everything was running smoothly after!

If I ever have another problem again regarding these 4 systems, I will definitely ask for him!
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